While most companies already use CRM software like Salesforce (the market leader), not enough have added an electronic signature feature to theirs. Even though adding such a feature is the logical next step in digitising the customer care process. Having software that lets you gather signatures remotely saves time, simplifies the process of getting all the requisite signatures, modernises document management, and optimises the work of your sales team, which boosts sales and satisfaction all at once. Oodrive Sign is a specially developed connector that can be seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce software package. Let’s go through all the reasons to integrate Oodrive’s electronic signature tool into your Salesforce cloud-based CRM software.

CRM and electronic signatures: a winning combination?

With 20% of the global market, Salesforce is the undisputed leader when it comes to software for customer relationship management (CRM). More than 150,000 companies—large and small—use that software to optimise their tracking of sales data. Based on all the data collected by the marketing department for the purpose of making sales, it provides a comprehensive overview of the purchasing journey. It also gives you a clearer understanding of what existing and prospective customers are looking for. That gives sales teams an important edge, i.e. leads they can use to convert prospective customers into actual customers and keep them coming back.

Plenty of organisations have been won over by the benefits of Salesforce CRM software. But now you can go (much) further in managing the customer relationship by adding an electronic signature feature to that CRM package.

The advantages of electronic signatures for companies

To fully grasp the benefits of integrating an electronic signature feature into your CRM software, you must first know just what advantages electronic signatures have to offer. An electronic signature is not the same as a digital copy of a handwritten signature, i.e. scanned and pasted into a digitised file. Far from it! This software authenticates the identity of the signer and associates him or her with an encrypted code affixed to the document.

This paperless aspect of “going 100% digital” is just one of the many advantages of electronic signatures. In addition to having a probative value equivalent to that of a handwritten signature, the electronic signature offers increased security (the higher the level of the guarantee, the more secure) and “seals” the file to protect it against any subsequent modification, guaranteeing its integrity. In addition to the environmental benefits, there are time and cost savings, greater reliability, and improved customer satisfaction.

The many advantages of adding an electronic signature feature to your CRM software

The electronic signature feature is not just a way to improve the process of signing documents, it also lets you create a secure and reliable ecosystem in which all the parties involved in the process can interact freely and exchange signed documents with a few clicks. If we combine the benefits offered by this innovative feature with the specific advantages of CRM software, what we get is a powerful mechanism for optimising the sales cycle.

Adding the electronic signature feature to your CRM software lets you…

  • simplify the process of signing commercial documents (quotations, contracts, orders, etc.) by accessing the feature directly from the customer file in the CRM package;
  • immediately identify the right document (or the right version of it), and take into consideration where the prospective/existing customer is in their purchasing journey when you send it to them;
  • Generate and fill out documents automatically by drawing on the information contained in the Salesforce software, using previously created templates and Smartfields;
  • schedule automatic reminders for signature requests, or notifications to be sent out as important deadlines approach (e.g. contract renewal dates).
  • More generally, it lets you automate the whole sales acquisition process by sending the right documents for signature at the right time (a quotation following the initial contact, the service contract once the quotation is signed, etc.).

The Oodrive Sign connector: a straightforward and ultra-secure way to integrate digital signatures into your CRM software

By adding the electronic signature feature to your Salesforce CRM software, your company can effectively make the final stage of distribution paperless and shorten the sales cycle. But for that, you need to link your CRM software to the tool for gathering electronic signatures remotely. That is where the connector comes in: a tool that lets you connect multiple systems without the need to develop applications specially for the purpose.

Oodrive Sign for Salesforce is just that: a “connector” available for download from the AppExchange of Salesforce, an American software publisher. Once installed, it connects the two software packages. This add-on was designed by Oodrive to be easily integrated into Salesforce cloud-based CRM software. With just a few clicks, you can give your users access to the electronic signature process. For sales teams, all they need to do is…

  • select a contract template,
  • attach any additional documents,
  • designate the signatories,
  • send the document for signature directly from the Salesforce interface,
  • and configure the visibility settings so that only the appropriate parties can access the document.

To sum up, in an era when digitisation is becoming a growth driver in its own right, Oodrive Sign for Salesforce lets companies get all the benefits of adding an electronic signature feature to the most widely used CRM software on the market. What are you waiting for? Come and learn all about it.