Picking up the right cards isn’t enough to win the game. You still need to know the best way to play them. That’s why you need a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to store, organize, enrich, and share your digital assets – so you can get the most out of them, in line with your communications strategy. Here are 6 reasons why you just can’t do without DAM anymore.

  1. Make media easy to access by storing files in one location

A DAM solution is your single go-to library for your digital assets: photos, videos, branding, e-learning, the list goes on. All your organization’s content can be accessed by its partners, who can then add their touch to them and use them in their own communications campaigns. No need to waste time searching for, checking and updating media that could otherwise be scattered all over the place and even be obsolete.

  1. Clearly define the copyright

The issue of copyright can hinder the potential of a valuable asset. Thanks to Digital Asset Management, user rights are specified in the metadata, so your media is handled in the right way under the right legal conditions. What’s more, with user access management, only authorized users can use your files. That reduces the risks of legal complications by 23% according to a study by market research company IDC.

  1. Strengthen your online collaboration

Quality assets are the result of a diverse and varied pool of skills – involving editors, graphic designers, illustrators, document authors, and marketers to name a few. But when it comes to collaborating on a project, time and energy are all too often wasted on the hunt for decent media and a duplication of efforts. Plus having to bridge the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants within the team. A Digital Asset Management can solve all of that. By putting all your digital assets in one place, combining team efforts, and leveraging the tool’s intuitiveness, you can form the foundations for strengthened online collaboration.

  1. Boost the value of your digital assets

Your digital media help to enhance awareness of your brand and increase your reputation, so you can attract more and more prospects. That’s why you need to share them! A Digital Asset Management tool will boost the value of your assets, allowing you to showcase the right ones at the right time, optimize content, and thereby increase their financial value. Then you can share them across various devices, applications and social media profiles. Put some volume into your branding!

  1. Optimize your efficiency

Every organization strives for maximum efficiency wherever possible. One way to achieve this is to create a digital archive. By putting all your data in once place, simplifying the issue of user rights, facilitating collaboration, and making sharing easier, a DAM solution increases efficiency for all your users and, in turn, your organization as a whole. Don’t just take our word for it. According to a SerdaLAB study in 2016, companies that rolled out a digital asset management tool reported a productivity level of 97%. That’s an increase of 34%!

  1. Streamline your storage and usage costs

A Digital Asset Management solution will enable you to streamline the entire process of managing your digital assets. Picture this: easy access to content at any time from any device – computer, tablet, or smartphone; save time searching for files; re-use media already created or purchased and make them more profitable; and optimize your storage space, especially by avoiding the duplication of documents. In a nutshell: increased ROI and substantial savings!

Adopt a Digital Asset Management solution now and you will give your organization the best tool possible to increase efficiency, improve productivity, enhance your brand image, and win the marketing game!