The world of work is changing. And so too are the challenges of working together. A study by market research firm Penn Shoen Berland revealed that 52% of professionals in the services sector across the world today work remotely. In this day and age, working with colleagues or external partners doesn’t necessarily mean working together within the same four walls anymore.

Mobile working becoming more popular with employees

The benefits of online collaboration are huge. Businesses know all too well that allowing employees to work remotely can save time, improve flexibility, and increase productivity.  A 2018 study by the FaberNovel Institute and BAP revealed that 93% believe working remotely is synonymous with collaboration. And in a global study carried out by Fuze, 84% of people surveyed across the world think they are more productive when working outside of the office, provided they have the right technology at their disposal.

But the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) is keen to highlight the risks of mobile working, namely when employees use technology to access their company’s IT system from somewhere beyond the company’s control. That means that the security of the connection can vary greatly, depending on where employees work from.

Thumbs-up to mobile working – but only with the right tools

When employees work somewhere other than the office, the risks are greater. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a hotel, on public transport, or in a co-working space. Hardware can be lost or stolen, data compromised, company IT systems hacked, information intercepted and modified…all putting confidentiality and integrity at jeopardy.

That’s why it is vital to equip employees with the right tools allowing them to work remotely. So, they can work wherever they are in complete security and rest assured that company data and systems won’t be compromised. Fortunately, there are already solutions that can help.

Mobile working is presenting a new challenge to businesses. Employees need to access their data any place, any time, in total security. And to make collaborating with colleagues and partners simple, while maintaining a high level of data security, you need to have the right tools. That’s where the cloud comes in.

Oodrive by your side

Oodrive Work (ex PostFiles) does exactly that. You can synchronize files across multiple fixed and mobile devices, so you can view, share, and modify them – whenever, wherever, without any network access restrictions.

Oodrive Work helps you to boost efficiency and streamline your projects with total security. Thanks to this online collaboration platform, working with in-house colleagues as well as external partners is made simple.