With the health crisis, companies have been forced to start or continue their digital transformation. The implementation of an electronic signature solution is now part of the fundamentals of any dematerialisation process.

However, in the organisational haste generated by the covid-19 effect, managers often overlooked the essential points of arbitration when choosing the solution.

What are the criteria for a good solution ?

Document security

Firstly, oodrive, the European leader in the management of sensitive content, is a qualified service provider certified by the most demanding standards in terms of content security.

Our electronic signature solution oodrive Sign complies with the eIDAS regulation, which sets out requirements for the mutual knowledge of electronic means of identification as well as that of the digital signature.

A trusted third party certifies, seals and time-stamps the transactions carried out in oodrive Sign to give them a legal value.

We keep your contracts and evidence files for an indefinite period. Finally, the validity of all signatures is guaranteed with the legal protection insurance included in the oodrive Sign subscription and at no extra cost.

Ease of use

To be truly effective and quickly adopted by everyone, your electronic signature solution must be intuitive.

This is why our oodrive Sign digital signature application module is multimodal, multi-channel and intelligent.

Sign and have your documents signed remotely by sending an email and an SMS code generated by our trusted third party.

You can also have your contracts signed face to face, thus facing your customers and collecting their consents graphically on a touch screen, with or without a network.

Finally, you may prefer to sign online, on a website, allowing you to integrate a subscription form directly on your site, on an extranet or intranet.

Fill in the Smartfields®, these customisable intelligent fields that allow you to collect information on and from your signatories in a quick and consensual way.

Easily insert (if necessary) these fill-in-the-blank fields in all your PDF documents and create your own smartdocs !

How to create your electronic signature with Oodrive Sign ?

To have your PDF signed with our secure and intelligent electronic signature solution, you will proceed in 4 steps :

  1. Choose your document then drop it in oodrive Sign
  2. Add the signatory(ies) then choose a signature mode (face to face, remote, or both if you have several signatories with different needs/imperatives)
  3. Oodrive Sign generates the finalized PDF as it should be presented, read and consented by the signatory(ies). Oodrive_sign then collects the electronic signatures for each signatory
  4. A trusted third party certifies and time-stamps the document, any annexes and the identity of each signatory. The document is then sealed and archived with any annexes and its proof file in your back office.

From your dashboard, you will be able to control and manage all your digitalized activity thanks to oodrive Sign.

If the need to switch to electronic signatures is no longer debated, the need to choose a secure and therefore sovereign solution must be at the heart of decision-makers’ concerns. The implementation of a secure electronic signature solution has real advantages for your company.

For European organisations, the submission of data and information from signed documents can no longer be subject to the extraterritorial laws inherent in American solutions, for example.

This is why we, oodrive, European leader in the management of sensitive content, advise you to adopt our electronic signature solution.

You will thus benefit from the optimal security of a French and qualified solution, considerable time and cost savings thanks to the speed with which our application module can be used and the legal value attributed to your signed documents.