Working remotely is gradually becoming a widespread practice in the business world, even as a way of attracting new recruits. In fact, you don’t actually have to be in the office physically to do your job and generate added value anymore, especially in new technology or web sectors. It’s safe to say the working world has gone mobile.

In times of crisis, when employees can’t get to the office or if it’s safer to stay at home, working remotely on a collaborative platform makes sense. The coronavirus crisis, much like public transport strikes and adverse weather, has caused an upheaval in our working life and an explosion in remote working practices. can do wonders for your company, both for your employees and your partners, particularly in times of crisis, by optimizing cooperation and making communications more secure.

What is an online collaboration platform?

Online collaboration is not limited to instant messaging between employees in the same company. There is a platform for online collaboration that stores all the information and data needed for a project in one place. Every person involved in the project has access to this online space, where they can drop, share, edit, save changes, and give access to files. With a secure sync and share solution, you can control which individuals have access to a file and for how long.

Online collaboration ensures business continuity

When a crisis hits and employees can’t get to work, using a helps to overcome the challenges of not having everyone in the same building, so they can still access company data and work on ongoing projects. Using a solution like this means staff can stay connected to the office, even if they can’t physically be at their workstation.

So, if a health pandemic breaks out, you can keep your employees safe from contamination and keep your business up and running at the same time, with an online sync and share solution. All the data they need to keep on working is stored securely on a platform that every one of them can access.

Becoming the norm for businesses

Online collaboration tools certainly do come in handy in times of crisis or exceptional circumstances. But why only use them for such rare occasions? Why not make them a regular feature in your business?

The best online collaboration platform is one that is secure, is easy to use, and protects employee communications and documents. Keeping sensitive data secure and maintaining productivity have become core concepts when designing our working environment.

In an era when data privacy is on everyone’s mind, secure platforms are already becoming part of a company’s everyday operations and processes, particularly thanks to their very high level of security. So, in fact, these platforms are nothing new. When an exceptional event hits and employees are better off working from home, there’s no need to break their work habits, whether they’re in the office or not.

Accessible from any device

Solutions enabling employees to work remotely have been around for some time now. But the question now, though, is not about where staff work, but what they use to work. We don’t just work at fixed workstations anymore; we don’t even work exclusively on computers. One other benefit of an online collaboration platform is that it can be accessed on any device. Employees with access rights can also log on using a mobile app or a touchscreen tablet, while still complying with your company’s privacy policy. If something unexpected happens and employees can’t get to the office, they can still remain productive and add value to the company, even without a desktop computer.

The barriers created by the coronavirus in the professional world can be broken down to a large extent with a mobile working environment, with secure access to data stored in a single place. The ability to work remotely yet securely means employees can stay productive and ensures business can carry on more or less as usual.

With Oodrive Work (ex PostFiles), you can synchronize files, modify them (without network constraints), and share them securely across all devices. In times of crisis, an online collaboration tool is your best option for countering isolation measures and working away from the company’s premises.