The loss of data can be dramatic for a company. Online backup makes it possible to preserve a company’s data and to restore it quickly and easily.

Online backup : essential for business

Why should companies back up their data ?

A company that suffers a setback, such as a computer attack, will have great difficulty restarting its business. The consequences can be disastrous and varied :

  • such a situation can affect the company’s image
  • teams can become disorganised and therefore lose productivity
  • worse, the company may suffer financial losses
  • backup allows a company to restore its data.

A distinction must be made between two types of disaster: minor, localised disasters and major disasters that impact the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

Minor disasters include hard disk failures, false manipulations or viruses. In all cases, this results in the loss of one or more files.

In order to limit the consequences, it is essential to have a backup solution that allows granular restoration. That is to say, it allows you to browse and select files before restoring them, and not after restoring the entirety of the backed up data.

Finally, the retention function allows data backups to be frozen in time. It can take days or even weeks from the time a file is corrupted to the time it is discovered.

Retention will allow you to retrieve the version of the file that had not yet been corrupted at the time of its backup.

Online backup : best option for businesses

There are three types of backup : local backup, cloud storage and hybrid backup.

A backup solution that does not outsource data will only cover minor disasters. Major disasters put your business at risk.

In this case, companies need a complete solution that includes outsourcing data to a destination where it is contained, kept confidential and secure.

It is precisely to cover these needs that publishers and IT service providers offer turnkey services that guarantee the security of backups.

In addition, these offers have the advantage of being flexible : prices are based on the amount of data and the duration of the service.

Backup maintenance tasks, such as the purchase of additional storage capacity, are no longer the concern of the company or the user. They only pay for the disk space they need.

Cloud storage also provides users with immediate access to a wide range of resources and applications hosted on another organisation’s infrastructure via a web service interface.

The company no longer has licensing issues. The service provider is responsible for this cost.

Finally, by delegating this service to a specialist, companies have a service contract with SLAs and a clear and controlled legal framework.

How to choose an online backup solution ?

Expected features of online backup

The number of cloud computing services that allow file backup and synchronisation is increasing more and more compared to well-known offerings such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Therefore, choosing a backup data provider has become more complicated.

The basic functions of online backup are quite simple. The applications generally offer a set of information that can be stored with some ability to sync files to your computer.

The differences or benefits that can be gained by choosing a cloud service provider are very small and sometimes difficult to discern.

This is why it is important to know the minimum benefits expected from backing up files to the clouds.

The provider must be able to meet specific requirements regarding various features :

  • the choice of data to be backed up
  • data encryption
  • automated processes
  • the choice of the frequency of backups
  • simple restoration of part or all of the backup
  • the possibility of backing up several versions of the data
  • backup of data from open files
  • recovery of previous backups
  • etc.

A service provider will also be expected to provide 24/7 customer support to restore data as quickly as possible.

Why choose Oodrive Save online backup ?

The Oodrive Save online backup software is an ideal partner for companies wishing to back up their data in complete security. With twenty years of experience in this field, oodrive is a reference in terms of backup software.

Oodrive Save enables you to protect your data by shielding it from all material and electronic threats that could damage it.

Moreover, the fact that it does not require physical support and human resources offers the possibility of making significant savings.

Indeed, once the storage software is installed and configured, it will archive data intelligently even if your computer is switched off.

This autonomy of action makes it one of the most popular data backup and recovery software in Europe.

The Oodrive Save solution also offers maximum security for data protection. Confidentiality of information in companies is essential.

All levels of file transfer have a maximum security system ; a vigorous control mechanism is applied such as secure access code management.

The user can choose between SHA1, MD5 format signatures. He can also use custom settings with the use of special characters.

The files are not only compressed, but also encrypted using a specialised process to prevent any leaks.

As soon as an attack is detected, the system warns the platform supervisor. In particular, when someone tries to access the files without the password.

This online backup software does not require any maintenance or physical backup space. It is fully automated and works autonomously without any human intervention.

Moreover, for the sake of transparency, remote backup can be checked at any time. Its flexibility, reliability and remote optimisation are also strong arguments in favour of Oodrive Save.