Just five years after its creation, the first perfume company exclusively devoted to Cologne, a legendary classic of the perfume world, has become a globally recognized brand. With more than 500,000 bottles sold in 28 countries, the company now has subsidiaries in the USA and China and over 300 points of sale worldwide. A 100% French success that Oodrive supports by facilitating image and file sharing on an international scale.


Facilitating collaboration among teams based on 5 continents

One of the challenges that Atelier Cologne had to face in managing its worldwide expansion was to ensure the consistency of the brand and standardization of its global image. In 2014, Atelier Cologne earned 85% of its turnover abroad. In order to make a uniform image database available to the multicultural teams of each subsidiary, Atelier Cologne opted for Oodrive, the European specialist in online file management. The Oodrive experts then identified the key objectives of Atelier Cologne:
– making a secure platform available to its employees based on 5 continents
– providing the teams with fast implementation
– boosting the efficiency of simultaneous collaboration.
Naturally, Oodrive proposed iExtranet, its secure online collaboration and file-sharing solution for professionals.


Simple, secure and multilingual collaboration workspaces

« iExtranet simply changed our lives ». Atelier Cologne’s teams, based on 5 continents, are collaborating much more efficiently now, communicating in real time and editing files directly from the platform.
It’s a very intuitive solution, easy to learn without prior training. The German, US and Korean teams working together on a project mastered the multilingual interface very quickly.
iExtranet platform also ensures the security of user access, file transfers and stored data, as well as a high reliability rate for the platform, which are extremely important in the international context of Atelier Cologne.


Efficiency, security and reliability in an international context

The main benefit to Atelier Cologne is how fast the teams can collaborate now. « It saves an enormous amount of time! » The iExtranet platform set up by Oodrive protects data transfers while ensuring 100% error-free file access: the various teams can communicate with perfect peace of mind because they know their exchanges are protected. The solution has never had any problems or failures.
The « Made in France » factor and the proximity of Oodrive’s teams, especially during the rollout of the solution, have won over Atelier Cologne and its IT department once and for all.
Atelier Cologne greatly appreciates the Oodrive solution’s extreme reliability, but its security, simplified data management and multilingual functionality are what really makes the difference.

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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