MEDEF is a leading entreprenurial network in France. It communicates will all the stakeholders of civil society to promote better understanding of the constraints and strong points of businesses. Like many of the companies it represents, MEDEF has long since undergone digital transformation. Calling upon a French cloudservice provider was a decisive factor, and MEDEF’s confidence in Oodrive was confirmed by the accessibility and upgradability of its solutions.


Thanks to Boardnox, MEDEF is continuing its digital transformation

To support its digital transformation, the employers’ organisation initially chose iExtranet, Oodrive’s secure file-sharing platform, to relieve the heavy load on the e-mail servers in light of document volume and confidentiality requirements. The accessibility and upgradablity of the solution deployed led MEDEF to choose BoardNox for paperless management of its Board meetings. Each month, the Board meeting brings together nearly 45 people from all over France, with a high volume of printouts and exchanges of confidential documents. The Board members often have user profiles that are not frequently available for training and are sometimes resistant to change.


A more fluid organization, with guaranteed confidentiality of communications

BoardNox, available online but also on tablets, includes state-of-the-art security mechanisms adapted to MEDEF’s specific governance needs. They control the confidentiality of their documents and communications, particularly through encryption of the stored data and user access control. Boardnox therefore allows the organizer to assign specific rights to each Board member in order to control their access to the documents. The paperless board management solution makes it easy to organize meetings (dates, participants, speakers, places and subjects), distribute the documents associated with the agenda, and consult the calendar as well as documents needed to prepare the meeting.


An intuitive virtual board room

Intuitive and easy to learn, the solution helps participants to prepare for meetings and communicate with each other: from survey-based decision-making, to confidential communications through secure chats. Available on a web interface or mobile device, BoardNox is especially well-suited to MEDEF Board members who are often on the move and can access their platform anywhere, anytime. All the Board members are automatically notified in real time if the organizer makes any changes to the meeting (such as if a new agenda item, participant or document is added). MEDEF’s documents and communications benefit from improved data protection thanks to the EU legislative framework. Oodrive solutions store the client data in Europe so that it is not subject to the US Freedom Act (formerly known as the “Patriot Act”).

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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