While most companies use a CRM tool like Salesforce, for now too few have adopted the electronic signature.

This is despite the fact that electronic signatures are the logical outcome of the digitization process in the context of customer care.

An electronic signature tool can save time, streamline processes, modernize document management, and optimize the work of salespeople.

Ultimately, adopting an electronic signature process boosts sales while increasing satisfaction. It’s just as well then that Oodrive Sign has a dedicated connector to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce software.

In this article, we present all the right reasons to integrate Oodrive’s electronic signature tool into your Salesforce Cloud-based CRM system.

CRM and electronic signatures: a winning combination?

With 20% of the global market, Salesforce is the undisputed leader in the CRM industry. More than 150,000 companies of all sizes optimize their sales monitoring with Salesforce software.

It offers a comprehensive overview of the purchasing journey while providing a better understanding of what prospective and existing customers want, based on a large amount of data collected by the marketing department for the purpose of sales.

With one notable advantage: it provides salespeople with qualified leads to convert and then retain prospective customers.

The benefits of Salesforce CRM have already won over many organizations. But it is now possible to go (much) further in customer relationship management: by integrating electronic signature software into the CRM system.

The advantages of electronic signatures for companies

To fully understand the value of integrating an electronic signature tool into your CRM system, you must first be aware of the specific benefits of this technology.

This is because the electronic signature is far from merely a digitized copy of the handwritten signature, such as could be scanned and pasted onto scanned files: it is a comprehensive tool that authenticates the signatory and associates them with an encrypted code affixed to the document.

So transitioning from paper to digital format and “going 100% digital”, is just one of the many aspects of the electronic signature.

Not only does the electronic signature have probative value equivalent to that of a handwritten signature, it offers increased security (with four different levels of guarantee) and “seals” the file in order to protect it against any subsequent modification, thereby ensuring its integrity.

In addition to the environmental benefits, there are time and cost savings, greater reliability, and improved customer satisfaction.

Integrating the electronic signature into the CRM process: a host of benefits

The electronic signature is much more than just a streamlining of the signature process: it provides a way to create a secure and reliable ecosystem in which different parties can freely interact and exchange signed documents with a few clicks.

However, if we combine the benefits offered by this innovative tool with the specific advantages of CRM, we obtain a powerful driver for optimizing the sales cycle.

Integrating the electronic signature into your CRM software allows you to…

  • simplify the process of getting commercial documents signed (quotes, contracts, orders, etc.) by accessing the tool directly from the customer file in the CRM software;
  • Identify the right document (or the right version) immediately, and use it taking into account which stage in the purchasing journey the prospective or existing customer has reached;
  • Generate and fill in documents automatically by drawing on information contained in Salesforce, from templates created beforehand and using Smartfields;
  • schedule automatic reminders for signature requests, or notifications to be received as important deadlines approach (e.g. renewal dates);
  • and, more generally, to automate the entire signature acquisition process by sending out the right documents to be signed at the right time (the quote after the initial contact, the service contract after the quote is signed, etc.).

The Oodrive Sign connector: a simple and ultra-secure solution for integrating electronic signatures into your CRM system

By integrating an electronic signature tool into Salesforce CRM software, your company can effectively digitize the final stage of distribution and shorten the sales cycle.

This assumes, however, that you have a tool capable of bridging the gap between the CRM system and the electronic signature software.

And that’s where the connector comes in: a device that allows you to connect multiple systems without having to develop dedicated applications.

Oodrive Sign for Salesforce is just that: a “connector”, available on the American publisher’s AppExchange, responsible for interconnecting the two systems.

This tool was designed by Oodrive to be easily integrated into the Salesforce Cloud-based CRM package in just a few clicks to give users rapid access to the electronic signature process. For sales teams, all you need to do is…

  • select a contract template,
  • attach any additional documents,
  • designate the signatories,
  • Send the document for signature directly from the Salesforce interface,
  • and define visibility settings to limit access to the document to the desired users only.

In short, in a context where digitization is becoming a growth driver in its own right, Oodrive Sign for Salesforce allows companies to make the most of integrating electronic signatures into the most widely used CRM software on the market.

Would you like to find out more about the Oodrive Sign connector for your Salesforce CRM? Request a demo today!

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